Winter in Berlin – Babies & Toddler


Since some of you asked me what they would need for the Berlin winter, I am just giving a quick overview of what worked well for our family. No matter which age, the onion concept is great for all.

Baby / Toddler

The combination of wool and silk (Wolle Seide) is keeping them warm, but at the same time absorbs sweat and allows the skin to breathe. Therefore, I have/had 3-4 wool silk onesies (Wolle Seide Body) and 3-4 wool silk leggings (Wolle Seide Leggings). There are plenty of websites which offer all more or less the same companies.

For online and offline shopping, I recommend Hug&Grow in Moabit. They have a great collection and lovely people working there in different languages.

Recommended companies are: Engel, Disano, Cosilana, but also DM (drugstore, in their stores only), H&M and Name it offer wool clothes. We put thin cotton or wool socks on the feet and added some heavier socks for outdoors.

On top of it, you may want to put a cute long sleeve shirt, which can either be another wool shirt or something cotton.

As the outer shell, I put a heavier woolwalk overall (Wollwalk Overall), which keeps baby warm and won’t make it sweaty hot, when entering a store or café. Most of these suits come with the option to close up the feet and hand. Which saves you buying gloves and baby shoes. (Google search)
We love this kind of bonnets. This way you don’t need a scarf. It is called Schalmütze in German and here is an example. Joha does very sweet clothes, not only wool.

And then you put them in a foot muff (Kinderwagensack) in the stroller or into a carrier. Foot muffs for the winter come either with lamb fur
(Google search)

or with fleece, which we had and it was fine for our little one
(Google search)

You may also see families using a big goose feather pillow, which is perfectly fine too.

And as peak preview for Mommy’s shopping list, we have this great invention for our stroller moms:
Hand warmer





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